National Leadership

Marcella Ricks was born and raised in Fort Myers, Florida.  She is a retired US Army Sergeant First Class.  She joined the Army in 1990 and served for more than 20 years as a Personnel Records Specialist which later converted to a Human Resource Supervisor.  She attended Fayetteville State University, and earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Health Care Management.  She has been a licensed Real Estate Agent for seven years and is currently employed as an HR Assistant on Fort Bragg. She is a divorcee with a 19-year old son, named Miles.  Marcella attends church at True Vine Ministries.  She enjoys running, cooking, traveling, family games and making hand crafted items.  Her line name is Soror Impressive Diamond and she is the Tre of her line.  She received this name because she always tries to do her best in an impressive, polished and detailed manner.  She is currently serving as the National President and has previously served as the National Secretary and as a Diamond Cutter. 
Tangela (Tangie) Johnson was born in Miami, Florida and graduated from the famous, Miami Northwestern Senior High School (The West) in 1987. She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia and is employed by the Federal Government.  She is the proud mother and grandmother one son and one grandson (with another grandchild on the way).   

She served in the United States Army from 1988 thru 2013 where she traveled the world as a Soldier in the Force which guard our country and our way of life. She has held a trifecta of Military Occupational Specialties (jobs) 43M, 92G and 42A and has been stationed all over the world including Garlstadt Germany and Korea and various areas of the U.S.  After twenty-four years of service, I decided to join the ranks of the “Retired Veterans” on February 1, 2013.  I said Hooah for the last time!
While serving, she received several distinguished coins, certificates, awards and decorations for her outstanding service, leadership and dedication.  She served in Desert Storm, Desert Shield and says Hooah!!! to those who served and are still serving to protect our Democracy!!!

She obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and an Associate of Arts degree from Columbia College while serving in the military.
She is an active member of Rhema Wind Ministries, my community and Iota Gamma Psi Military Sorority, Incorporated. She enjoys reading, crafting, spending time with her family and friends, taking care of her dogs, landscaping, traveling and vacationing.

Her line name is Ten8cious (Tenacious) Diamond and she is the Anchor holding the Number 8 of the SPR 2019 My Sister’s Keeper line. She is Ten8cious for the simple reason that she is very DETERMINED to succeed, and she never settles for less!
She is currently serving as the Vice President and has also served as Sergeant at Arms, Membership Recruiter and Paraphernalia Rep.

Soror Radian7 Diamond was born as Ericka Jones in Columbia, SC. She was the only Soror on her line that joined as a spouse and even though she never physically served she served her country by supporting her disabled army veteran. She was #7 on Iota Gamma Psi’s alpha line, 8 Qualifications of a Diamond, and completed her initiation Spring of 2018.

She has served as a member of the membership team from 2018-2020 and has accepted the position of National Membership Director for the 2020-2021 term. Even though she was nominated and chosen as National Membership Director she has always been willing to assist in the betterment of the organization wherever needed.

After losing her husband in 2017 she has made caring for others her main priority. Her motto is “Live life to the fullest, love hard, and laugh even harder! She has been a licensed cosmetologist for 20 years and business owner for the past 13 years. By volunteering in her surrounding communities she has had the privilege of mentoring other young stylists, business owners, and young girls with a dream of joining the beauty industry.

She is a member of the “8 Qualifications of a Diamond” SPR18 line. As the Lucky 7 of the line, she obtained the name of Radian7 Diamond from her line sisters because of her shining personality and glowing smile. In all situations good or bad, she still manages to let her light shine. She is constant in her conviction to stay strong, stand tall, and keep moving forward


Stephanie Euwana Bryant was born in Birmingham, Alabama and graduated from Pelham High School.  She joined the Army in August 1979 and after serving for 32 years, she retired in 2012.   One of the highlights of her military career was being a part of the Armed Forces Security Team for the 1996 Olympics.  She completed her Associates Degree at Columbia and is currently working on to complete the last class to receive a BS in Criminal justice with a double minor in Psychology and African American Studies.  

Stephanie is single and has no children and is the primary caretaker for her mother. Her hobbies include reading, traveling and watching football and tennis. She is highly active in her church and OES.  Her future goal is to become an Accredited Veteran Representative to assist veterans with getting the benefits that they have earned and deserve.  She has strong values and is extremely passionate about Iota Gamma Psi and giving back to my community. In addition to serving as the National Secretary, she is also the appointed POC for the Georgia Cluster, National Auditor, and Paraphernalia Coordinator.  

Her line name is Preci2e Diamond and she is the Deuce and Anchor of the Fall 2019 Intriguing Diamonds line. She currently serves as the National Secretary.


Latesha Hernton was born in Beaufort, SC and raised on St. Helena Island, SC. In October 2000, she joined the U.S Army following in my Grandfather and Uncles footstep and proudly served my country for 4 years. She is currently employed with the Department of the Navy working as an Auditor in Washington, DC. Before going to work for the Navy in October 2018, she was employed by the Department of Veterans Affairs. She loves giving back to the Veterans but her season was over at the VA. She is a single parent to five whom she loves very dearly and would do anything for them. Her kids are the joy of her life. When she is feeling down and want to let go, they bring her back to life. Most of her volunteer work comes from helping out in church with the youths. She has helped with fundraising and overnight shut ins. Her goals and aspiration is just for her kids to be successful.


Her main goal in life right now is to be a great mom to her kids and to teach them that they are the future and to let them know that they are great and that they can accomplish whatever they put their heart and mind to. A goal that She desires is to be a mentor for young females to teach them how to love themselves and not to look for love in the wrong place.

Her hobbies are any and everything that her children are involved in such as acting, modeling, football, basketball, dance, and cooking.  
She has been a part of Iota Gamma Psi sorority since the Spring 2019 My Sister’s Keeper line and is currently serving as the National Treasurer.   


 Soror Persist3nt Diamond was born as
Tamika Thompson and is a DOD civilian. She is a Youth Program assistant at Stout’s Child Development Center. She has worked with children for 12 years has worked at Stout for three of those years. One of her ultimate goals is to start her own Christian private school. Her aspiration is to create a program for young single mothers on basic life needs such as budgeting, managing income, self-help skills and most important showing them how to love themselves and building confidence.

She is currently serving as the Chaplain and Chief Information Officer of Iota Gamm Psi and has served as the Sorority Step Master. She is the Tre of the Spring 19, My Sisters Keeper line. She joined Iota Gamma Psi because she wanted to be part of an organization that put a positive light on Strong women and their goals. She is a Sunday School Teacher at Healing Touch Ministries. She has volunteered at Salvation Army, Goodwill, Harvest Preparatory Academy and Food for Harvest. She may not have all the time in the world, but she does not mind helping in the community. She is the kind of women who is determined to see change and works hard to see those changes. 


Soror 7ierce Diamond was born Janine Goolsby and served in the United States Army for 24 years as a 42A (Human Resources).  She currently serves as the National Sergeant at Arms and is part of the Spr19 “My Sister’s Keeper” line.  
She joined Iota Gamma Psi Inc because the sorority is in line with her beliefs.   Being affiliated with Iota Gamma Psi has helped her increase the impact of her contributions to her church, and her community.  The Founders has allowed her to build upon the greatness of the sorority and she has established life-long sisterhood relationships.

She is the mother of one, retired and enjoys spending time with her family.  In addition to spending time with her loved ones, she enjoys reading, and bowling and believes the Lord has tremendously blessed her as she loves giving back to others.