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Are you or do you have the ability to become a Woman of Distinction?


Have you ever served time in the military or worked for the Federal Government as a Federal Service Civilian or Contractor, or are you the spouse of a current or former military service member?  If so, you may be eligible to join our sisterhood.

Any woman who is honorably serving or has served in the United States Armed Forces, a spouse of service member that is honorably serving or has honorably served in the United States Armed Forces, United States Federal Civil Service women with a valid Common Access Card (CAC) or if retired, proof of Prior Federal Service, current Department of Defense Contractors and former Military Greek Letter Sorors that departed in good standing, are eligible to apply for membership.  We accept women from all branches of service: Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marines.


Because of the federal government’s decision that declared social fraternities and sororities exempt and free to make their own membership decisions, including those based on gender identity, ΙΓΨ membership is only available to natural born women that meet the eligibility requirements stated above. 


She must also:

  • a.          Be at least 21 years old.

  • b.          Be a graduate of Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training (if enlisted)

  • c.           Be a graduate of Officer Candidate School and Officer Basic Course (if officer)

  • d.          If eligible as a military spouse: Provide proof that spouse served in the military AND a copy of your marriage certificate.

  • e.          If eligible as a Federal Service civilian: Provide proof of Federal Civil Service (SF50 with SAT rating or higher)

  • f.            Be verifiable as a current Federal Service contractor (if applicable)

  • g.          Not be an active member of another Military Greek Letter Sorority.

  • h.          Demonstrate that she is capable of upholding the standards of Sorority membership and agrees to act in accordance with the bylaws, policies and procedures.

  • i.            Be willing to participate in Sorority functions and events.

  • j.            Be willing to complete the required annual community service hours

  • k.           Be able to meet the financial of the Sorority.

  • l.            Maintain honorable service in the US Armed Forces or have served honorably. (if military)

  • m.         Successfully complete the Diamond Development Process.


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