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Our Programs



ΙΓΨ offers workshops and training on leadership, team building, financial management, resume building, confidence building, stress management, health education, career development and a host of other things.

ΙΓΨ Destined to be Diamonds (D2BD)

ΙΓΨ’s Destined to Be Diamond (D2BD) is a program that is designed to provide all Sorors with a journey that will ENLIGHTEN, ENCOURAGE and EMPOWER them as women that are connected with the military or federal government.  We aim to establish a lifelong sisterhood that is built on love and continuous mentorship. One of our goals is to empower our members to speak with wisdom according to Proverbs 31:26.  D2BD also aims to enlighten our members with the courage to become independent. We will assist them by providing them with the necessary tools, resources, education and assistance that will help them to develop their skills and ability to continuously accomplish and sustain their goals in life and to walk confidently into their purpose.

ΙΓΨ H.E.W (Health, Education & Wellness) 

ΙΓΨ H.E.W (Health, Education & Wellness) is a program geared towards educating women on health concerns.  We offer Philanthropic Service to others that promote learning and education while also providing moral support and tips that will help others that may be dealing with a health concern.    Some of these opportunities may include: National Glaucoma Awareness, National Heart Healthy, Cancer Awareness, National Developmental Disabilities Awareness, National Autism Awareness, Promoting healthy relationships, Advocating for women's rights  and much more.



ΙΓΨ Diamond Mentorship Program

The goal of Diamond’s Mentorship’s program is to develop chapter champions that will serve as Mentors and provide a mechanism for developing future leaders. We aim to promote individual development through the transfer of skills, expert knowledge and insight, and provide an additional resource for feedback and guidance that will help with Soror involvement satisfaction and retention.  Iota Gamma Psi Diamond Mentorship Program strives to excel at mentoring new members of the sorority by establishing a two-to-one volunteer pairing of Mentees with a volunteer Mentor.  



ΙΓΨ Baby K.A.R.A.T.S (Kimberlite Apprentice Reaching Achievable Targets)

A Kimberlite is an igneous rock, which sometimes contain diamonds.  ΙΓΨ’s Baby K.A.R.A.T.S program focuses on mentoring school aged young ladies ages 6-18 and is designed to empower and encourage positive self-image, high scholastic standards, financial responsibility, community involvement, and social skills.  

ΙΓΨ WC (Women’s Ministry Coalition)


ΙΓΨ’s Women's Coalition (WC) is not affiliated with any political party or religious denomination. We welcome and invite all of our sisters to join our women’s ministry coalition to unify and give voice to religious, social, cultural, moral and public policy issues of our day. This will give us the ability as women to work together to promote the values of Faith and Family. ΙΓΨ’s WC is composed of women of faith and conviction, working together to support and serve women. Our primary goal is to minister to the spiritual needs of women and to help women to KNOW and WALK in their PURPOSE. 


ΙΓΨ M.S.P (My Sister’s Protector)

ΙΓΨ is more than just a sorority, it is a life-long commitment and sincere friendship rooted in kindness, love and respect for one another. We are our sister’s protector.  There we stand firm in our belief and use of phrase, "WGY6" because we will always have our sister’s back.  MSP will ensure that we support our Sorors unconditionally. When life blindsides them with undesirable events, we will be there for them without complaint, supporting them in their moment of need, not for our own selfish, self-gratifying reasons, but because their well-being will always be important to us.   We will never disrespect our sisters and our words will always match our behaviors and actions.    

ΙΓΨ Women of Distinction

ΙΓΨ nurtures the qualities of strong character that distinguish our members and our sisterhood, including compassion, integrity and sincerity. In ΙΓΨ, members lead by example through their daily actions and communication. They set high expectations and goals and strive diligently to meet them. We accomplish this task by helping each other to grow personally and intellectually.  Members of ΙΓΨ also believe in Paying It Forward so that those members that come after them, can benefit from their legacy and the difference that they made.  

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