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Sherry Carpenter

Sherry joined the United States Army as an active duty 76V/92A (Logistician).  Having fought in the Persian Gulf War and a hardship tour to Korea, coupled with the dual military lifestyle and 2 young sons, she opted to leave the military and was honorably discharged after serving 9 years.  After departing from the military, she returned to school and completed her Master’s Degree in Business Administration.


She has worked in the civilian sector for the Department of Defense (DoD) as a Procurement Supervisor (Contractor) and a Contracting Officer for the Department of the Army.  Sherry has had the pleasure of being a soldier, military spouse, military contractor and DoD Civilian and fully understands the struggles that women may go through serving, or servicing the military with multiple deployments, PCS moves and constant job changes which can leave them feeling stressed out. This can make it difficult to adapt in an area where you have no immediate family residing in close proximity  and no idea of where you can go should you need assistance. Her vision includes helping these women and women in the community find adequate resources that will help them grow and become a woman of distinction.   

She is an active member of New Life Bible Church in Fayetteville, NC. She has served as the Women’s Ministry President, the Puppet Ministry Director and the Youth Choir Director.  She has also mentored several young women ranging in ages of 16-29 years.  Her hobbies include bowling, reading, pampering herself, singing, dancing, spending quality time with family and helping those in need.  She obtains her joy from seeing others happy. Everything that she does, she puts GOD first.

Sherry's line name is Soror Qu3en of Diamonds and she is the Tre of the line.  She was given this name because she is the most powerful piece, able to move any number of unobstructed things in any direction.   

Jamar Hairston

Jamar Hairston was born in Morganfield, Kentucky and graduated from Union County High school. While in high school she played basketball and ran track. After high school Jamar attended Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Upon realizing that college was not for her at that time she returned home and worked two jobs.  Jamar decided to join the military. Her reason for joining the military was to do something fulfilling with her life.


She completed her basic training at Fort Jackson, SC. and AIT at Fort Lee, VA. Her military occupational specialty was 76P which was Stock Control and Accounting. The MOS name was later changed to 92A. She has been stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, Bad Kreuznach, Germany, Fort Bliss, Texas, Wurzburg, Germany, Fort Campbell, Kentucky, Camp Humphrey, Korea and the Persian Gulf War.  She was promoted to MSG and a month later, retired from the military. 

She decided to further her education and went back to college where she obtained her BA in Business Administration with a concentration in Health Care Administration and a dual Masters of Art Degree.  She has been working for the Department of Defense since 2005 and is currently working as a Health System Specialist.

Her mother’s death left a void in her life, because her mother was her first true friend and she was always helping her mother with her community projects. After, searching for something to fill this void, Jamar decided that she, along with five other strong independent ladies would form Iota Gamma Psi. The creation of this sorority is also a very important notable achievement for Jamar. It gives her the ability to continue to serve and help others and the opportunity to really make a significant difference by bonding, sharing and helping fellow women veterans to feel empowered. Things you should remember about Jamar is that she loves the Lord, her family and Iota Gamma Psi.

Jamar's line name is Soror Dev5ine (pronounced Devine) Diamond and she is the Cinco of the line.  She was given this name because she is the glue of the line and has significantly more fire than a traditional diamond and she   performs beautifully in minimal light.

Charmetri Wrice-Bulluck

Charmetri Wrice-Bulluck, is a Retired U. S. Army Sergeant First Class, a Wounded Warrior and an Army veteran with over 22 years of outstanding military service as a Combat Telecommunications Center Operator, (72E) an Army Instructor (H identifier), and a Human Resource Supervisor (42A). Charmetri mobilized in 1990 in support of Desert Storm and again in 2004 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.  During her time in service, she sustained spinal and back injuries and was retired in June of 2008. 

Charmetri is a graduate of Fayetteville State University where she received her MSW in 2011 and was inducted into the Phi Alpha Honor Society. She is also a graduate of Liberty University and received her MA in Health and Wellness in 2012. Charmetri is an active Christian who has been volunteering since childhood. She has advocated on behalf of many to include the elderly, the homeless, the disabled, and youth. She has also advocated for Wounded Warriors before both the Senate and Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.


She is a Certified Veteran Peer Support Specialist, and currently serves on the Military Advisory Board for Fayetteville State University. She also Mentors with the Cumberland County Veterans Treatment Court; currently she is an Adjunct Professor for Fayetteville State University’s Department of Social Work. Charmetri is the Founder/CEO of AFVTER DUTY RESOURCE SERVICE INC., which assists fellow veterans and their families towards empowerment and reintegration. Charmetri enjoys various types of Music, to include Gospel, Jazz, R&B, Country, Rock, and Classical. She also enjoys Reading, Movies, Traveling, Art, Poetry, Sports, Nature, Gardening, Classic Cars, Motorcycles, and Most of all making others smile.

Charmetri's line name is IrreplACEable Ace of D1amonds and just as her name states, she is Ace of the line. The Ace is the highest diamond in the deck with leadership abilities, passion and high ambitions. 

Michelle Woodard

A native of Greenville, North Carolina, Michelle Daniels Woodard attended North Carolina Central University for one year immediately after High School but decided to leave the college life and serve her country.  Michelle joined the US Army in December 1989 and attended basic training at Ft Dix, New Jersey and Advance Individual training at Fort Eustis, Virginia.  She chose 88N, Traffic Management Coordinator as her MOS.  Throughout her career she was assigned to locations such as Fort Eustis, Camp Jackson, Korea, Fort Eustis, Fort Lewis, Fort Hood, Fort Bragg, Camp Red Cloud, Korea and Fort Bragg, NC where she retired with 24 years of service.   

Michelle’s line name is Sparkling Diamond and she is the Quad of the line.  She received this name because Sparkling Diamonds can show both a little spark or fiery particle.  Timing and place can determine which one she shows. 

Dr. Carol Hairston

Dr. Carol Hairston is from Chesapeake, Virginia. Dr. Hairston has come a long way since she dropped out of high school in the ninth grade and had two children by the age of 18. She joined the US Army in November 1979 after receiving her G.E.D.


Dr. Hairston proudly served 21 years in the US Army and retired in 2001. While in the military, she graduated from Fayetteville Technical College with an Associate degree in Business Administration in June 2000. After retiring from the military, Dr. Hairston continued her education and received a Bachelor’s Degree in History at Fayetteville State University, December 2004. In 2007 she earned her Masters’ Degree in Computer Resources and Information Management at Webster University/Fort Bragg Campus and she earned her Doctoral degree in Organization Management and Information System Technology at University of Phoenix.


Dr. Hairston is also a member of New Life Bible Church located on Hoke Loop Road Fayetteville NC.  She is heavily involved in several ministries within her church where she serves as an active part of the Women’s ministry and the Food and Hospitality ministry.  In her career field, she is a Lead Information Technology Specialist with Fort Bragg's Network Enterprise Center.  Part-time, she is an  Adjunct Professor with Fayetteville State University and Webster University’s Fort Bragg Campus.


Dr. Hairston decided that she, along with five other strong independent ladies would form Iota Gamma Psi. The creation of this sorority is also a very important notable achievement for her because it gives her the ability to continue to serve and help others and the opportunity to really make a significant difference by bonding, sharing and helping fellow women veterans to feel empowered.


Things you should remember about Dr. Hairston is that she loves the Lord, her family and Iota Gamma Psi. Her line name is BrilyentKut Diamond (pronounced Brilliant Cut) and she is the RoKu of the line.  She received this name because she is Strong, Clear and Concise in tone having great intelligence, talent and quality. 

Yvette Goins

Yvette D Goins was born and raised in N.W.D.C.  She joined the US Army in 1981 as a Logistician (76Y), attended Basic Training at Ft Dix, NJ and Advanced Individual Training in Ft Lee, VA.  She joined the service directly after graduating from high school.  She went into the Reserves, loved it and once she completed basic training and AIT, she decided to go Active Duty.  She served the majority of her time in the military overseas.   She was a 76Y now known as a 96Y, Unit Supply Sergeant with an Army Skill Identifier of Standard Property Book System Redesigned.  This is now known as PBUSE.  Some of her duties while serving in the U.S. Army includes being a Platoon Sergeant, an Equal Opportunity Rep for my company and a Combat Lifesaver prior to retiring.   Prior to retiring she was the only female in a field artillery unit, working in supply.  That was her best assignment.  Throughout her career her assignments included Ft Dix, Germany, Ft Leonard Wood, Germany, Hunter Army Airfield, Panama and Ft Lewis, WA.  Yvette retired after serving twenty years. 


While in the military, Yvette obtained her Associate Degree from Panama Canal College and her Bachelor’s Degree at St Martins College with a major in Psychology and a minor in Sociology.  Once Yvette retired, she earned her Master’s Degree from Webster’s University with a degree in Procurement/Acquisition Management and a certificate in Government Contracting.


In her free time she enjoys watching basketball. In fact, she once also played refereed.  While stationed in Panama, she served as a referee.  Basketball was year-round in Panama and it kept her in shape.  She also likes to play card games such as spades or bid whist.  Playing cards is a stress reliever for her.  It relaxes her and she has fun doing it.  She also likes to interact with people and by playing cards with them, she believes that it helps you to see a different side of them that you would have never known existed.  Yvette also enjoys reading, dancing and staying on top of current events.  She must know what is going on around her and next to her.  In all that she does she puts GOD first.  She truly believes that he is the shadow that is beside her and the sun that is in front of her. 

Yvette’s line name is 2R.U.E Diamond and she is the Deuce of the line, She received this name because she is Genuine and a real and true sister.  She is trustworthy and will trust others until given a reason to question their loyalty. 

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